Reach for Nepal Foundation

The REACH for Nepal Foundation has been established to provide practical and financial assistance to rural Nepalese communities primarily affected by the earthquake.

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  • Rebuild

    Supporting reconstruction efforts in villages affected by earthquake damage

  • Educate

    Boosting education outcomes by providing school books, tuition and training

  • Assist

    Stimulating the local economy with employment and training opportunities

  • Children/Communities

    Improving the livelihood of children and remote communities

  • Hope

    Giving hope to those that have lost loved ones, homes and jobs

Current Projects

Reach for Nepal uses its strong cultural ties and detailed knowledge of Nepal to identify and support projects that contribute to rebuilding schools and villages in Western Nepal

How is your donation spent?

We work hard to minimise administrative and overhead costs to ensure your donations go where they are needed most. Our team members are volunteers. We don’t pay for expensive office space or marketing collateral. And we are very transparent about how

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Your donation will go directly towards those in Nepal who need it most. To minimise overhead costs we rely on our hard-working and committed volunteers. All those associated with the Reach for Nepal Foundation – including board members – do so on a voluntary basis.

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