Meet the Team


Lachhu Thapa founded the REACH for Nepal Foundation in the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquakes. An Australian resident since 2002, Lachhu was born and raised in Pokhara in Western Nepal, just one hour’s drive from the main earthquake’s epicentre.

When news of the earthquake reached Canberra, he knew that aid and rebuilding efforts might not stretch to remote villages and schools in the region. More support was needed to help vulnerable communities recover, and ensure positive long-term outcomes.

Lachhu has a rare combination of intimate local knowledge, extensive business experience and strong professional networks in both Australia and Nepal. His passion for Nepalese people, culture, heritage and environment drive his humanitarian efforts in the region.

In addition to running the REACH for Nepal Foundation, Lachhu operates hospitality and tourism businesses here in Australia and in Nepal.


Lou Nulley is a founding director of the REACH for Nepal Foundation. He has trekked through the Himalayas on several occasions. Through his connections with the Nepalese community, he is committed to assisting villages and schools affected by the earthquakes.

Lou has extensive experience in project business management including the management of projects of several hundred of million of dollars. He brings a raft of knowledge as well as practical skills to the team.


Kim is incredibly proud to be an ambassador for the REACH for Nepal Foundation because it is a great local organisation contributing to a really worthy cause.

“My particular love for the REACH for Nepal comes from the fact this organisation was borne out of the friendship of two Canberra locals – people like you or me – who wanted to make the world a better place. This is about each of us making a small difference, in our own way”, Kim Brennan, April 2017.


Shiva is the REACH for Nepal Foundation’s on-site director in Nepal. His project management and community engagement skills ensure that all projects are executed in a timely manner. He is a talented negotiator with a thorough understanding of Nepalese law and is a valuable asset to the Foundation.


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