Building classrooms (Apr – Nov 2017)


This remote school is situated in village of Lachowk in Kaski. The school has 55 students and 8 teachers and about 5 rooms in total. This is insufficient space, and the children take it in turns to use the rooms, which also double up as a library and office.

RFN supports the case for additional rooms which will benefit the school children to have permanent classrooms. It is anticipated that number of students will increase with new school year next year, and this project is going to bring much-needed relief to the principal, teachers and the kids alike.

The project is to build 4 rooms, in two installments. Two rooms will be built now by the locals and funded through the Reach for Nepal Foundation’s (RFN), and two rooms will be built when a group of Australian travel to Nepal as part of Mont Adventure Equipment’s partnership to assist RFN.


The project will increase the number of classrooms, providing an opportunity to improve the children’s education. This will be welcome news for the village as the locals will now be able to send their children to the nearby school, rather than a village 2 hours away.

The 4 rooms when complete will measure 46 feet long by 20 feet wide.

Total Budget

AUD $11,250 (NPR 900,000)